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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterSupport reading gzipped data in mergeJune McEnroe2 years
cgiAdd play to index.htmlJune McEnroe5 years
backportRe-create help pageJune McEnroe5 years
v2Call cap_enter in client and serverJune McEnroe5 years
daemonOnly use pidfile(3) on FreeBSDJune McEnroe5 years
ansiDump HELP_DATA with client -hJune McEnroe6 years
v1Fix color pairs once and for allJune McEnroe6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-12-22Support reading gzipped data in merge HEAD masterJune McEnroe
2021-12-01DecayJune McEnroe
2021-10-17Remove capsicum supportJune McEnroe
2021-10-17Build chroot only for OpenBSD, remove rc scriptJune McEnroe
2021-09-28Fix backspace on OpenBSDJune McEnroe
2021-09-27Handle KCGI_EXIT gracefullyJune McEnroe
2021-09-27Call msync(2) after modifying tilesJune McEnroe
2021-09-27Copy CSVs to web directory from snapshot.shJune McEnroe
2021-09-27Extract chroot.tar with -p, install to WEBROOTJune McEnroe
2021-09-26OpenBSD: Copy appropriate files for chrootJune McEnroe
in/1sh/test.c?id=3458600fdce9304a427b419b8d65fc571614a9d0&follow=1'>Import /usr/src/bin/test from FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASEJune McEnroe 2020-03-09Import /usr/src/bin/kill from FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASEJune McEnroe 2020-03-09Remove extraneous files from sh sourcesJune McEnroe 2020-03-09Import /usr/src/bin/sh from FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASEJune McEnroe 2020-03-09Remove 1sh sourcesJune McEnroe 2020-03-08Add The Stone SkyJune McEnroe 2020-03-08Publish "How I Relay Chat"June McEnroe 2020-03-03Don't use $ inside $(())June McEnroe 2020-03-03Remove setoptJune McEnroe 2020-03-03Use getopts in shell scriptsJune McEnroe 2020-02-27Style %T outside of Rs in italicJune McEnroe 2020-02-26Add Fierce Femmes and Notorious LiarsJune McEnroe 2020-02-23Add This Is How You Lose the Time WarJune McEnroe 2020-02-22Add See Ya LaterJune McEnroe 2020-02-20Remove wiki scriptJune McEnroe 2020-02-19Add The Obelisk GateJune McEnroe 2020-02-17Add Four Tet — HandsJune McEnroe 2020-02-12Simplify macOS notify-sendJune McEnroe 2020-02-12Add imbox and notemap to pageJune McEnroe 2020-02-12Collapse simple linksJune McEnroe 2020-02-12Move catgirl up the pageJune McEnroe 2020-02-12Update catgirl pty grabJune McEnroe 2020-02-12Link to cgit /about pages where appropriateJune McEnroe 2020-02-11Separate LINKS from BINS for html to workJune McEnroe 2020-02-11Add margin to Bl-bullet itemsJune McEnroe 2020-02-10Match URLs inside parens or with paired parens insideJune McEnroe 2020-02-10Duplicate effective URL before passing it back to curlJune McEnroe 2020-02-09Add To Be Taught, If FortunateJune McEnroe 2020-02-04Add The Future of Another TimelineJune McEnroe 2020-01-31Reorganize the Makefile for the umpteenth timeJune McEnroe 2020-01-28Change scout sensitivity to 1.4June McEnroe 2020-01-28Import shows.txtJune McEnroe