Password provision in catgirl(1)

Password provision in catgirl(1)

From: pmnw

Is there a recommended way to fetch a saved password for
catgirl(1) for use with the ’sasl-plain‘ option? I’m thinking of
password managers or GPG-encrypted password files.

What works is the following that command-substitutes the -a
$ catgirl tilde.conf -a user:"$(pass irc/tilde)"

Specifying the equivalent in the tilde.conf file does not work:
> sasl-plain = user:"$(pass irc/tilde)"
$ catgirl tilde.conf # FAILS SASL auth

I‘m also unsure of security implications of such use or if there
are any edge cases of passphrases that could break this command.

Anyway, I hope I’m not overstepping by using this mailing list to
ask a question, and also thank June for her extremely comfy IRC
client. Thank you.