[PATCH] Use "secure" libtls ciphers

[PATCH] Use "secure" libtls ciphers

From: Klemens Nanni
d3e90b6 'Use libtls "compat" ciphers' from 2018 fell back to "compat"
ciphers to support irc.mozilla.org which now yields NXDOMAIN.

All modern networks (should) support secure ciphers, so drop the
hopefully unneeded list of less secure ciphers by avoiding
tls_config_set_ciphers(3) and therefore sticking to the "secure" aka.
"default" set of ciphers in libtls.

A quick check shows that almost all of the big/known IRC networks
support TLS1.3 already;  those who do not at least comply with
SSL_CTX_set_cipher_list(3)'s "HIGH" set as can be tested like this:

	echo \
	  irc.hackint.org \
	  irc.tilde.chat \
	  irc.libera.chat \
	  irc.efnet.nl \
	  irc.oftc.net |
	xargs -tn1 \
	openssl s_client -quiet -cipher HIGH -no_ign_eof -port 6697 -host
 irc.c | 9 +--------
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 8 deletions(-)

diff --git a/irc.c b/irc.c
index 166d4ed..c228022 100644
--- a/irc.c
+++ b/irc.c
@@ -49,14 +49,7 @@ void ircConfig(
 	struct tls_config *config = tls_config_new();
 	if (!config) errx(EX_SOFTWARE, "tls_config_new");
-	int error = tls_config_set_ciphers(config, "compat");
-	if (error) {
-		errx(
-			EX_SOFTWARE, "tls_config_set_ciphers: %s",
-			tls_config_error(config)
-		);
-	}
+	int error;
 	if (insecure) {

Re: [PATCH] Use "secure" libtls ciphers

From: june
Applied. RIP Mozilla IRC, I will not miss your old GnuTLS.