[ANNOUNCE] catgirl 1.9

[ANNOUNCE] catgirl 1.9

From: june
This release adds the -q quiet option which raises the default
message visibility threshold for new windows, and the -m mode option
to set user modes.

The /window command now matches substrings of window names. The
/join command defaults to the channel you've been invited to. The
-T flag's argument is now optional like its timestamp option
counterpart. Gemini URLs are matched by /copy and /open.

catgirl now sends a PING command to the server after two minutes
of silence and exits if no response is received within 30 seconds.
Save files are now locked, preventing accidentally running two
instances using the same file. External commands (/exec, /copy,
/open, notify) are executed without a controlling terminal.

The restrict option now enables tight sandboxing on FreeBSD using
capsicum(4). Sandboxing on OpenBSD has been tightened further.

Thanks to Klemens Nanni and Michael Forney for contributions to
this release.

This release was also supported by donations made to
<https://liberapay.com/june/donate>. Thank you!