[ANNOUNCE] catgirl 1.8

[ANNOUNCE] catgirl 1.8

From: june
This release adds the /window command without parameters to list
all windows. On servers with the message-tags capability, messages
in reply (using the reply client tag) to ignored messages are now
also ignored. This hides replies from some IRC bots.

Messages using STATUSMSG are now routed correctly. Window colors
are set appropriately with /msg, where possible. Formatting is reset
after realnames. Topic diffing is disabled when -H 0,0 is set,
showing the old and new topics separately instead. Usernames are
hashed in kiosk mode.

The default MANDIR has changed to ${PREFIX}/man. If this is no
longer correct for your system, run ./configure with --mandir= set
appropriately or set MANDIR in the environment.

The catgirl IRC channel is now #ascii.town on irc.tilde.chat.

Thanks to Klemens Nanni for contributions to this release.



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