[ANNOUNCE] cgit-pink 1.3.0

[ANNOUNCE] cgit-pink 1.3.0

From: june
This is the first release of cgit-pink, a fork of cgit.

Upstream cgit has long been stagnant, with the vast majority of
patches sent to the mailing list going silently ignored, despite
their obvious merit in many cases. This fork aims to incorporate a
number of existing patches as well as to provide a friendlier place
to send new patches. They will, at the very least, get a reply.
This fork also aims to make new releases which can hopefully be
picked up by package repositories, making it easier for users to
run an improved cgit.

This release is based on cgit 1.2.3 and git 2.35.1, and contains
the patches which have been running on git.causal.agency for years:

- Don't show blame for binary blobs
- Show symlink targets in tree listing
- Show subject in commit page title
- Add "this commit" option to switch form
- Improved display in text-based browsers
- Use buffered stdio
- Use owner-filter for repo page headers
- Generate valid Atom feeds
- Show about path in page title
- Remove Lua support

Thanks to Alyssa Ross, Chris Mayo, Eric Wong, Christian Hesse and
Todd Zullinger for (unknowingly) contributing to this release!