[ANNOUNCE] catgirl 1.7

[ANNOUNCE] catgirl 1.7

From: June Bug
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This release makes several improvements to input editing. C-Left
and C-Right can now be used as equivalents of M-b and M-f. Overlong
messages are now highlighted in red where they will be automatically
split. Common color codes can be inserted with more intuitive C-z
key bindings rather than their numbers. Paste mode can be manually
toggled with C-z p.

All window names are now added to tab complete. The -H 0,0 option
can be used to disable nick and channel hash coloring. The /me
command now supports multiline input and automatic message splitting.
Topic and names responses of automatically joined channels have
been restored.

Crashes from inserting non-ASCII characters or expanding non-ASCII
text macros with LC_CTYPE=C have been fixed. A workaround has been
added to display italic text with old versions of ncurses. Formatting
rendering in input is reset at newlines.



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