[ANNOUNCE] cgit-pink 1.4.0

[ANNOUNCE] cgit-pink 1.4.0

From: june
This is the second release of cgit-pink, a fork of cgit aiming for
better maintenance and more frequest releases. This version of
cgit-pink is based on git 2.36.1.

This release includes a number of fixes sent to the cgit list:

 - Bounds checking off-by-one in fmt()
 - Reset font size for blame oid
 - Use release_commit_memory()
 - Tolerate short writes in print_slot

Two minor new features:

 - Render readme from branch in query
 - Link to parent commit in blame

Thanks to Christian Hesse, lemon, John Keeping and Hristo Venev for
(unknowingly) contributing to this release.

Re: [ANNOUNCE] cgit-pink 1.4.0

From: june
Woops! Just discovered a problem with this release: clicking on a
commit from the log page for a specific path causes a double free.
With git bisect I found that this problem was introduced by updating
to git 2.36.0. Not good! Needs further investigation. In the mean
time, don't update to 1.4.0.

[ANNOUNCE] cgit-pink 1.4.1

From: june
This patch release fixes a bad free in cgit_diff_tree introduced
by updating to git 2.36.0 and which caused a crash when viewing a
commit limited to a path.