[ANNOUNCE] pounce 3.1

[ANNOUNCE] pounce 3.1

From: june
This release fixes a segfault in IRC command parsing which can be
triggered by clients!

This release also fixes a number of other bugs and compatibility
issues. Compatibility with new nonsense irssi behaviour is fixed.
Handling of empty lines from clients is fixed. calico compatibility
with OpenBSD 7.2 is fixed. Checking if local-path is a directory
is fixed.

Clients can now cause pounce to quit by prepending the keyword
$pounce to their /quit message. Clients are now sent the name of
the NickServ account pounce is logged into when they connect. The
vendor-specific capability causal.agency/passive can now be requested
after registration. pounce now sends messages with an origin of the
value of local-host rather than irc.invalid.

The pounce-notify and pounce-palaver extras now live in the root
directory and can be built alongside pounce and calico by passing
--enable-notify and --enable-palaver to ./configure, respectively.
They have both learned -t to trust self-signed certificates.

Thanks to Omar Polo and Tassilo Philipp for contributions to this