[ANNOUNCE] bubger 1.0, imbox 1.4, catsit 1.3

[ANNOUNCE] bubger 1.0, imbox 1.4, catsit 1.3

From: June Bug
To: list
bubger 1.0

bubger is a mailing list archive generator for mail stored in IMAP.
It produces static files of HTML, Atom and mboxrd, making its output
easy to serve from a host without IMAP access. It requires the IMAP
THREAD extension.

This is the software rendering <https://causal.agency/list/>.


imbox 1.4

This release adds the following flags to both imbox(1) and

 -i to use IMAP IDLE to wait for a matching message,
 -M to move messages to another mailbox,
 -U to match only unseen messages,
 -s to mark messages as seen.

The default Subject criterion of "[PATCH" has been moved to
git-fetch-email(1). imbox(1) with no criteria now matches all


catsit 1.3

This release adds the catsit-timer(1) and catsit-watch(1) utilities
for running commands at an interval or when files are modified,
respectively, under catsitd(8).

Service commands containing any of ";&|()" are no longer prepended
by exec, allowing complex shell commands to be used. Service commands
which contain these characters inside strings or otherwise not
interpreted by the shell should be prepended by exec manually.



These projects are supported by donations via Liberapay: